This time of year can be particularly frustrating for people prone to headaches.  We are in this period of transition—is it Winter or is it Spring?  There’s a bit of a yo-yo back and forth with the weather, temperatures and barometric pressure. 

As Spring arrives, it brings forceful and upright energy, a stark contrast to the retreating energy of winter.  We see examples of this in nature as we witness bulbs sprouting through the semi-thawed ground.  Tiny buds and new growth stem from tree branches that appeared almost lifeless the last we looked.  In just a few weeks, leaves will sprout and we’ll hear that familiar and joyous sound of them rustling in the breeze.

As delightful as all of this is, the upright forceful energy happening in the world around us can be particularly frustrating for people prone to headaches due to Qi imbalances.  The inconsistencies often exacerbate headache symptoms.

What can one do?

Drink More Water
Dehydration is often a factor in chronic and acute headaches.  Try reaching for water as opposed to aspirin the next time a headache sets in.

Moderate Caffeine
Though wonderful for helping with an acute headache, in excess caffeine can be the cause of the Qi imbalances leading to headaches.

Get enough good quality sleep
Lack of good quality sleep contributes to Qi deficiency and thus exacerbates deficiency related headaches.

Walking and other forms of physical exercise are wonderful for helping to move stuck Qi.  If the cause of your headache is more related to stagnation than deficiency, a brisk walk will do wonders for your health.

Eat balanced meals and moderate refined sugar and refined carbohydrates
An excess of sugar and refined carbs can cause spikes in insulin and inflammation both of which are tied to a number of health conditions including headaches.

If you’re struggling with headaches and haven’t yet considered Acupuncture, schedule a free consult to learn more about how Acupuncture might help.